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Post-Mastectomy Products 

Feel better and look your best. Mastectomy Essentials offers a full line of post-mastectomy products that cater to women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

Shop with confidence knowing that we have taken the time to select the highest quality items available for you. Select from a wide variety of products designed to help you recover your sense of self.

Our Post-Mastectomy Products:

• Bras
• Cosmetics
• Prostheses
• Wigs
• Swimwear

Custom Products
To better meet your needs, we will soon be offering custom designs. Check back here for notice of the launch of our line of custom post-mastectomy products.

Make Up, Post-Mastectomy Products in Cary, NC

Ordering is Easy
You can purchase the products you need and get reimbursed by Medicare. We do not work with insurance companies. As well as shipping is fast, because we ship directly from our manufacturers.

Our goal is to beat our competitors' prices. So we offer discounts on every order.

Contact us today to order the post-mastectomy products that will help you look and feel your best.